Escape to the wilds and bring nature indoors with carpet from the Wild Luxury Collection.


Featuring four luxurious and indulgent carpet styles in a palette of timeless hues, the Wild Luxury Collection invites you in and rewards you with exquisite softness.

9/64” loop pile, berber style
Pile weight: 1,150g/m²

1/8th Berber, shaggy look

Pile weight: 2,500g/m²

Made from high-quality IMPREL® Opal yarn that’s finer than nature’s most luxurious offerings, Wild Luxury carpets are so soft it feels like walking on air.

5/64” Saxony, silk look

Pile weight: 1,320 g/m²

1/10” Saxony, wool look

Pile weight: 1,980 g/m²

5/64” Saxony, fine structure

Pile weight: 1,800 g/m²

1/10” plain Saxony, rich & opulent structure

Pile weight: 2,300 g/m²

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